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Unique to our studio and a discipline of our RIO Method Pilates teacher training we present our weekend Tower Training. Using the spring resistance towers you will learn a set group of basic to intermediate exercises and given a series of sequences providing you the programming to lead a class.
The spring towers are used to provide added resistance during movement working upper to lower body incorporating technique from pilates to strength classes.

May 11 4-9PM and May 12 8-6PM
Cost of training $250+tax. Contact [email protected] for details.


The most unique, fun and functional barre class available. A mixture of dance, Pilates and yoga, this method works the body from head to toe targeting all muscle groups with a cardiovascular component.
This highly addictive workout maintains its foundation in dance but is catered and accessible to any level of experience. Strategically choreographed with music to beat giving students an opportunity to improve their body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility all while toning their muscles.
This is a 22 Hr comprehensive barre training that includes anatomy training specific to barre and workout principles that are specific to Pilates. Unique to this method, RIO Barre promotes bio-mechanically safe movement and injury specific modifications. We aim to provide training that will allow you to feel confident as a teacher and to provide a safe and fun environment for your students to grow. We also provide on-going support to our teachers including practice space and teaching opportunities.

What makes the RIO Method Barre training different?
A more intensive anatomy and alignment training, this training will prepare you to teach a well choreographed movement to music class. The training comprises of both yoga and pilates concepts to ensure a safe and effective workout that is less about working muscles to exhaustion to create a fun, safe and low impact workout for any demographic.
Pre-requisite: Pilates training, yoga training, personal trainers and/or previous barre training.
If you do not have any of these, you may apply for a spot, we will just require an interview with you.

TBA for 2018


A yoga and life school that focuses on safe asana practices, foundations of communication, teaching principles and yoga for daily life hosted by Leslie Bishop of Novi Yoga and featuring instructors of RIO HFX.

This 10 month program will run from September 2018-June 2019.
Contact [email protected] for an application. Space is limited.