The secret benefits of Pilates

The secret benefits of Pilates

It’s no secret that Pilates is an amazing workout for toning, lengthening and leaning…but did you know some of the other benefits that go along with it?

There’s one in particular you might find interesting: improved sex life. Because Pilates focuses on the deep, unseen muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor, it helps intensify your orgasms.

The pelvic floor is a complex thing: as a group of muscles in your pelvis that support your bladder and uterus, the bottom layer wraps around your lower lady parts and can contribute to feelings of sensation in that area.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to improving your self image and focusing on being fully present – both of which are helpful in the bedroom – Pilates also increases your stamina, flexibility and stress levels. Who doesn’t want that?

“Trust me,” an avid Pilates class attendee said, “you’ll notice a difference, and you’ll get addicted to Pilates in no time.”

In addition to our regular Pilates classes, we’ve also started offering pelvic floor workshops to really zone in on this area. Check out our workshops page for more info.