The Rio Way

The Rio Way

We’re different from other fitness spaces in town because we’re not just a yoga studio, or a Pilates studio, or a fitness centre. As we’ve said before: there is a stereotype – we just don’t follow it. We strive to be a community that offers variety, keeps it interesting, and not just hosts many different classes but also often blends different disciplines in many of those classes.

Yoga is great for your flexibility and strengthening key areas such as your core, back and arms and legs, but it doesn’t burn calories the same way a high-intensity workout does. Strength training builds muscle and improves your cardiac function but doesn’t target agility or flexibility in the same way. Cardio burns a lot of calories, but doesn’t zero in on muscle toning or target areas. Combining these three, or including elements of strength training and cardio in a yoga class, ensures that you cover a lot of ground.

It’s not just for the sake of novelty. There are many benefits to combining workouts, including:

Maximize the burn: If you incorporate other elements into a yoga session, you’ll burn more calories than a standard yoga classes while still getting the flexibility and toning that comes from yoga practice. The average 150 pound person burns about 240 calories in an hour of yoga, while an aerobic class burns 360. By adding in other elements to a yoga class, you’ll up the intensity of your workout.

Cover more area: The five main elements of fitness training are aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and stretching. By doing yoga or Pilates fusion classes, or several other classes in a week, like kettlebells or barre, you’ll be sure to get better in each area.

Be challenged: Regular, repeated fitness routine can quickly become comfortable for your body in as little as six to eight weeks. To keep increasing your fitness level and pushing yourself, mixing it up is key.

RIO’s schedule is set up so that you could do a fusion class or one of many different types of workouts on any given day, so you can enjoy these benefits for yourself.

See RIO schedule or read more about RIO methodology.