The Floatation Centre

The Floatation Centre

Have you been to the Floatation Centre yet?

Atlantic Canada’s first floatation therapy centre opened up right here in the north end last year, creating a space for people to enjoy in the sensory enhancement of floating right here in Halifax. We’re so happy to have like-minded wellness spaces in the neighbourhood.

What’s it’s all about
It’s an experience like no other. Floaters step inside a tank filled with ten inches of magnesium-salt water. There is no light, sound, or noise, creating a blissful, healing atmosphere where one can clear the mind, focus, unwind and truly slow down.

But words can hardly do it justice. Try out this mellow, serene environment for yourself.

What you’ll get out of it
There are many diverse benefits that come from floating. The first and most obvious one: relaxation. By removing light, sight, sound and distractions of the outside world from the floatation tank, the senses are enhanced, the body is able to relax and the mind is primed for meditation.

Physically, floating helps with blood pressure regulation, increased circulation, pain management, muscle relaxation and much more. One hour of floating is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep sleep. Cortisol production, which creates stress, is slowed down while dopamine and endorphins speed up, reducing anxiety and elevating mood.

Monthly memberships are now on sale, at $50/month for one float with each additional float in the same month at $40 after that. As a bonus, with your first monthly float you will receive a Made With Local Real Food Bar and a Lemon Kick juice from En Vie – A Vegan Kitchen.

Where to find the Floatation Centre
The Floatation Centre is located at 2631 King Street.
Find them online: visit their website or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.