Strength Classes


Bring out the warrior within.
A circuit workout to build not only the physical, but your mental strength too.
Encompasses speed, strength and endurance training.
A Powerful workout with even more powerful results.


Our weekday warrior class for the weekend.
This Warriors class brings you back to the late night shakin’ on the dance floor. Late nights to loud music, these jams so fresh they will be making you forget your working out so you can work harder. DJ fueled jams and sequences interspersed with resistance moves, conditioning and a heavy heart rate.


action packed full body kettlebell workout
ignite your spirit and your metabolism while challenging your endurance + strength
utilize the entire body in these explosive + integrative exercises

Open to all levels.


A sculpted journey through upper and lower body that builds a beautiful supportive strength. This class begins with a deep tissue release through mobility work, dives into a toning ab series and finishes with a strong movement meets mobility workout.The burn ends with work using mobility softening around the strengthened edges.


this class will set you right
a self treatment in myofascial release
like a deep and juicy massage
break down tension, knots and stress
reconnect to breath, and strengthen the body on a deeper level
resulting in a longer, leaner, stronger and more connected self.

Give yourself the TLC your body needs. Mobility class using lacrosse balls on trigger points.