Spotlight on Saje Natural Wellness

Spotlight on Saje Natural Wellness

RIO loves to celebrate other cool Halifax businesses we’ve been collaborating with this year, so it was due time that we shed light on Saje Natural Wellness, whose products we use in some of our classes.

So what’s Saje all about?
Chloe from the Saje team fills us in:

Saje Natural Wellness is all about the healing power of plants. Holistic healing in the realm of aromatherapy is incredibly alluring – the efficacy that plants hold once they are distilled or pressed into an essential oil is so facinating. Did you know the healing power of a plant is 80 times more potent when distilled into an essential oil? How cool is that!

I feel so lucky that I get to share my passion for wellness with Halifax. Saje gives us endless trails of knowledge to follow.

Favourite products? It’s so hard to choose just one product. However, if I was stranded on a deserted island and was only allowed one product, I would choose our Pocket Farmacy. This kit has five of our top-selling roll-on remedies. Which are: Peppermint Halo (Headache Remedy), Immune (Germ+Virus Fighting Remedy); Eater’s Digest (Digestive Remedy), Stress Release (Tension Reducing Remedy) and Pain Release (Analgesic Remedy).

The Pocket Farmacy is a favourite because it’s small enough to take on the go. Any minor ailment I may encounter along the way, this little package has a cure for it – headache, minor injury, stressful moment, fighting off a cold – my Pocket Farmacy can combat this whole list and more.

Come on by the Spring Garden store and we can try everything out together – we will remedy up!

Where can you find Saje at RIO?

A few words from our instructor, Liseanne:

I adore the breath spray – working in health care and as a yoga instructor I am constantly talking to people and a bit of fresh breath goes a long way.

Currently in my Yin classes at Rio (Monday SOS@7 and Tuesdays SMOOTH@6) I have two favourites for this month: Mountain High and Yoga both very fresh and light to add to the ambiance of class.

There great as an addition to oils, in the nebulizer, Or I like to put a few drops on my feet and pants so when I walk around the class room the nice scent follows me.

Check it out for yourself and visit the Halifax store at 5520 Spring Garden!