Rogue Classes


The ultimate combo of boxing, martial arts and aerobics. Intense interval work that alternates between bag and floor work in a dynamic full body effective workout. Expect offensive and defensive kickboxing sequences, body weight training, high speed intervals and a whole lotta’ sweat.

No previous boxing experience necessary.

Cardio Box

Speed round intervals of kickboxing combinations mixed in with a weighted medicine ball. The ultimate in speed and power. High rev’d heart rate is the name of this game. Expect rounds of punches and creative bag combos, ball throws, jump squats and ball burpees. At least the instructors are friendly.

Hell’s Bells

Hell’s Bells is a technique focused kettle bell class combining the benefits of dumbbell training with a high intensity cardio workout. Build muscle, increase power, get lean. Expect everything from snatches to sumo squats and turkish get ups. Learn your way around this powerful tool and leave stronger after just a few sessions.


Bringing out the warrior within. A circuit workout to build not only the physical, but the mental strength too. Encompass speed, strength and endurance training that uses mostly body weight in a tabata style workout. Expect a challenge that takes you from a repetitive rotation of strength to cardio burnout.


Action packed muscle toning workouts to ignite your spirit and metabolism. Using both TRX Suspension Trainer and a variety of kettle bell exercises, this explosive and integrative workout will get you sweaty without any high impact cardio. Expect low impact full body range of exercises, supersets, dynamic movements and a more defined body.

TRX Trainer

Using the TRX® Suspension Trainer, your own body weight and a whole lotta’ core control, this class moves through a possible 300 exercises all with a unique variation. Suspension straps add a deeper challenge that can be modified to suit various levels. Expect your traditional movements like lunges, pushups and rows, at a suspended level with a body weight component to keep you firing all class long.

North End Circuit

The all over special. Incorporating segments from all of our classes, introducing a full complex body, cardio, strength, conditioning class that will have you moving from beginning to end. Using various pieces of equipment including medicine balls, sand bags, battle ropes, TRX Trainer, kettle bells and so much more. Offering clear modifications so the workout can be adjusted to any level. Don’t be surprised if we take some of these exercises outdoors or have you running laps around the pavement.

Rogue Rock and Breathe Yoga

“To rock out is to let go, to feel free, to be moved.”

End it right. A power flow yoga class that is all about that beat. When the breath meets the beat, let the music heal your soul. A little faster, a lot of flow. A vacation from your mind. A rhythm so great you’ll forget where you are.

TRX RIP Trainer

Using the powerful RIP trainer, an essential tool for anyone looking to strengthen their core. The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load that enables you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance.
Get up and get ripped.


A lower impact full body strength and toning class designed to burn the postural and accessory muscles of the body. A perfect complement to heavier weight training and a class fit for those new to strength training or looking to feel longer and leaner.
Class uses small mini bands for extra resistance.

Rogue Weak-Ender

End your week and weaknesses with a class that tops all. 25 minutes of non-stop cardio and strength interval training capped with 25 minutes of mellow’d yoga to soothe and stretch whatever the week built up.