RIO Methodology


Movement is never separate from life. We celebrate this idea with a kaleidoscope of classes that focus on innovation, technique, alignment, anatomy, education + passion.

Challenge the body while deepening the connection with your mind. Unfold + Awaken an internal Strength. Make your expressions powerful. Join the Movement.

Our Method

The experience at RIO is just that, an experience. Wild, physical, challenging, dynamic and ever-changing, each class has something unique to offer that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Rock In Opposition

The movement behind our message. We believe in the power of breaking down doors of tradition and structure to introduce variety, music, and a taste of our own rock and soul.

Awaken to a holistic approach to human expression. As our perceptions expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an artificial separation between our definitions of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental movement. We intrinsically weave these components together and embrace all forms of maturation. And we do it together.

  • Rio Pilates

  • Our Pilates classes are more athletic+dynamic than a traditional mat class. We work the body to feel, engage, align and explore. You will leave every class feeling stronger, connected and alive.

  • Rio Towers

  • A unique concept to RIO. These spring resistance wall boards introduce a deeper challenge, a more mindful movement, and a consistent fire in the body. You will feel the effects immediately.

  • Rio Yoga

  • Introducing flow in a more creative and rigorous rhythm. We offer a taste of the traditional, and mix it up with dynamic sequences, modern music and a relatable philosophy.

  • Rio Movement

  • Complete your active journey by incorporating more strength building, cardio, toning and deeper stretching. Sweat, Move, Play and Explore. The bigger the variety of your routine, the more effective the practice. Try it all!