Rio Classes



Start heavy. Get Meditated.

25 minute hard core power flow
20 minute mellow out
15 minute meditation
Hands on Shavasana, essential oils, deep sweat, full breaths. Now that’s a way to decompress.

This class begins with a flow yoga class intertwined with yin and deep breath.


It’s a Yin Thing.
Slow paced. Long Holds. Deep stretch.

Gain stamina in stillness with a class that is set to strengthen your ability to soften. A deep physical focus, with a meditative approach. Allow your mind to shift from active to passive. Learn to sit still.

Targeting the connective tissues of the body, yin yoga increases flexibility and mobility, regulates energy flow, and encourages greater physical and mental stamina.

Open to all levels and great for those working with injuries and tight/sore muscles. The perfect compliment to your dynamic workouts.


The stress melter you need to start your week off right
unwind from your day with deepening yin + restorative postures
melt into the sensations of your body as we apply hot stones to release toxins + tension
the perfect combination of gentle + sweet
complimented with hands on adjustments and massage
a class fit for the spa!


fast flowing yoga sequences
linked with pilates toning + dynamic movement
vigorous + playful
set to a curated playlist
Intermediate level Pilates/Yoga Class.

Barre & Pilates


Our very own Pilates method. A modern, strengthening pilates class set apart with its diverse and dynamic sequences and flow of movement.Work the whole body in this class matching breath to rhythm and set to an upbeat and killer playlist.

There are two levels of our Method Class
Mellow: A more foundational movement class that focuses on technique and form.
Remix: A faster, more dynamic class that will get your heart rate moving.


A high energy blend of pilates + dance that is graceful, dynamic and oh so fun! Get your hips shaking and your legs burning as we strengthen, tighten and tone head to toe. A carefully selected playlsit that will leave you feeling invigorated.
Open to all levels.


A sculpted journey through upper and lower body that builds a beautiful supportive strength and full body burn. This class focuses on using mini bands for activation of stabilizer muscles, and using the resistance of the body to strengthen.


Short, sweet and oh so SWEATY.
This shot of joe features high intensity pilates interval training. Combine various movements that help to burn, strengthen, sculpt, and improve posture.
This is a circuit style class that includes cardio infused with body weight training.

All levels pilates cardio class that elevates the heart right while burning head to toe.


Abs, Abs, Abs.
Rock the midline in this core focused workout targeting all elements of the midsection, back and glutes.
Important for balance, spine health, pelvic muscles and overall strength.

All levels core class.



the ultimate full body class
Strengthen + Tone in a machine based class that uses
dynamic sequencing in a variety of muscles
to lengthen, tone + challenge. The added resistance will encourage stabilization of core while experiencing extra burning sensations. Cardio included.

Class is done on the Wall Spring Towers. Some pilates experience recommended.


Our full body Tower 360 class heightened.
This non-stop cardio infused class includes extra abdominal strengthening, jump sequences, and fast paced intervals to get the heart rate moving up and down.
The most satisfying sweat.

Previous tower experience required. Intermediate/Advanced Level Class.


Take it down and lengthen it out. This lower intensity class will focus on allowing the machine to tone you while creating longer, leaner, smoothly sculpted muscles. A great way to be introduced to the beautiful benefits of the Spring Tower, while still experiencing the sensations of the burn.

Class is all levels + done on the Pilates spring towers.


Dial back, get lean, long and released in this blend of mat pilates and tower work. A perfect combo for those wanting to move slow, focus on foundation, breath and anyone new to pilates or recovering from injuries.

Slow, soft and soooo therapeutic.