Rio Classes



Start Heavy. Get Meditated. 25 minute hard core power flow
20 minute mellow out, capped with a15 minute meditation. Everything you need in a yoga class including hands on assists, essential oils, detoxifying sweat, and full deepening breaths. Now that’s a way to decompress.

Try this class if:
-You are looking for a combination of both power and deep release
-You are newer to yoga and not looking for a full power class

Avoid if:
-You are working with injury that restricts your ability to move freely

Targets: Body, Mind + SOUL


It’s a Yin Thing.
Slow paced. Long Holds. Deep stretch.

Gain stamina in stillness with a class that is set to strengthen your ability to soften. A deep physical focus, with a meditative approach. Allow your mind to shift from active to passive. Learn to sit still.

Targeting the connective tissues of the body, yin yoga increases flexibility and mobility, regulates energy flow, and encourages greater physical and mental stamina.Each pose is held for an extended period of time.

Open to all levels and great for those working with injuries and tight/sore muscles. The perfect compliment to your dynamic workouts.


Class is held at 5781 Charles St
The stress melter you need to start your week off right. Unwind from your day with deepening restorative postures. Melt into the sensations of your body as we apply hot stones to release toxins + tension, offer hands on adjustments + massage and apply custom essential oil blends. A class fit for the spa!

This class is for you if:
-You are looking for a class that is deeply grounded (literally doesn’t take you off the ground)
-You are new to yoga, working with injury, pregnant, or just in need of a deep and sweet mental release

Avoid this class if:
-You are looking for any amount of movement

Targeted Areas: MIND


A journey that links movement, breath, mind and body. Fast flowing yoga sequences linked with pilates toning, a strong core component and dynamic movement. Use of props in class elevate the challenge making it both vigorous, playful and strong.
Take it if:
-You are looking for a stronger yoga class and want resistance training with your practice

Avoid it if:
-You are new to yoga or pilates or looking for a class that is slow and soft

Target Areas:
Full body movement matching breath, stretch and strength. Strong core element and an upper body focus as well.


Not as soft but still so sweet. While most of our yoga is built on melting the mind, this class is building the body.
A little more power. A little longer hold. Some intermediate poses. Creative sequencing, mesmerizing tunes and a flow that will have you melting to your mat.
This class is for you if:
-You have practiced yoga before and are looking for a stimulating and strong practice

Avoid this class if:
-You have never practiced yoga or are working with injuries

Targeted Areas: Body, Mind + Heart

Barre & Pilates


Our very own Pilates method. A modern, strengthening pilates class set apart with its diverse and dynamic sequences and flow of movement.Work the whole body in this class matching breath to rhythm and set to an upbeat and killer playlist.
Method is a more foundational movement class that focuses on technique and form. Don’t be fooled, this class is challenging but a great place to start and suitable for beginners or those recovering from injury.

Take this class if:
-You are new to the studio, working with injury, or looking to achieve more body awareness

Avoid it if:
-This class is suitable and encouraged for everyone and we can offer modifications where needed.

Targeted Areas: Full body, core activation, glutes, shoulder mobility


A perfect blend of pilates, dance and movement. A graceful, dynamic and fun workout curated to a carefully selected playlist that will leave you feeling invigorated, tightened and toned.

This high energy barre class was created by us, for us.

Take it if:
-You are looking for a strong, standing, and lengthening class
-You are working with injuries + need something low impact but still strong

Avoid it if:
-You are not looking for a primarily standing class

Target Areas: Lower body, legs, glutes, hamstrings, arms


Lower, Lower, Lower. A full focus on the body beneath the hips. Work cheeks, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and everything surrounding in a sequenced movement class that will scream, burn, tackle, and roar.
Take it if:

-You are looking to strengthen the low part of the body. Particularly great for runners or other athletes needing to increase their glue strength + balance their lower bodies.

Avoid it if:
-You are working with knee or hip injury

Target Areas: Glutes, Outer and Inner thighs, Hamstrings, Calves


Strong is sexy. Shift gears to focus on the upper half. Scapular movement and stability, arm work, obliques and oh so many abs! Save your legs for later.

This class is for you if:
-You are looking for a targeted upper body and core workout

Avoid this class if:
-You are working with shoulder or upper body injuries

Targeted Areas: Abdominals, obliques, shoulder mobility and stability, triceps, biceps and back


A sculpted journey through upper and lower body that builds a beautiful supportive strength and full body burn. This class focuses on using mini bands for activation of stabilizer muscles, and using the resistance of the body to strengthen. We begin and end the class moving into a deep mobilization of the body so you feel longer and looser post- burn and for optimization of muscle function.

Take it if
-You are looking for a class that balances strength + softness
-You are looking for a more intense burn that is still low impact
-Your muscles could use a release but you are still after a workout

Avoid it if
-You are not looking for a targeted muscle workout with a heavy burn

Targeted Areas: Body part focus shifts from lower body/glutes, to upper body/shoulders. Expect a different targeted area every week.


Start slow. Finish Strong. This class is a journey that takes you from foundational to fiery so you can build the body form the inside out.
Starting with a strong core workout, this class focuses on glutes, upper body and a strong standing series fused with some faster paced cardio to get the heart rate lifted.

This class is for you if:
-You are newer to the studio and looking for some foundational practice alongside a deep strength building
-You are looking for something slower but ready to feel the burn and work hard

Avoid this class if:
-This class is suitable for all levels and can be modified where needed

Targeted Areas: Full body moving from the mat to standing work


A quick fix of high intensity pilates interval training that will rev your heart rate while toning head to toe. Combine various movements that help to burn, strengthen, sculpt, and improve posture in a terabit style workout.

Take it if
-You are looking for cardio in your pilates class
-You want a full body workout

Avoid it if
-You are working with injuries and/or need a lower impact workout

Target Areas: Full body workout, each movement focuses on a different area of the body and alternates between dynamic movement + stability exercises


Abs, Abs, Abs. Rock the midline.
Important for balance, spine health, pelvic muscles and overall strength. Go beyond the superficial layers of the abdominals to achieve a deeper level of strength and improve your fitness and awareness for all other classes.

Take this class if:
-You are looking for a stronger midsection, want to enhance your yoga practice + to benefit posture, back pain, and prevent injuries especially in other fitness workouts

Avoid it if:
-You are not able to do exercises with flexion of the spine (i.e. herniated disc issues)

Targeted Areas:
Transverse+ Rectus Abs, Obliques, Back and Glutes


Get long, limber and loose in this movement feel good flow class. Designed to increase flexibility and range of motion through low impact, continuous, expansive movement to lengthen, stretch and strengthen the body. You will leave feeling lighter and lifted!

Take this class if:
-You are in need of a stretch but want to move and strengthen at the same time
-You are looking for increased mobility and range of motion
-You want a class that keeps you off the ground and contains non stop movement that is low impact and safe for all levels

Avoid it if:
-You are working with back injuries that restrict dynamic movement
-Standing classes do not work for you

Target Areas:
Full body workout focusing on movement and mobility, mainly through the back, lower body and shoulders



A class that offers it all. Alternating between upper and lower body, cardio sequences and stability work, this class uses our spring resistance towers to engage a variety of muscles simultaneously offering everything you need in one.

This class if for you if:
-You are looking for a full body, strong full body workout with added resistance + cardio included

Avoid it if:
-You have not attended some of our Tower Reform classes or are brand new to Pilates
-Modifications can be offered for cardio elements

Targeted Areas: Full Body+ elevated heart rate. Strong focus on core and muscle stability


Class is held at 5781 Charles St
Move mindfully, go deeper, and find out what the spring towers are all about. This lower intensity, low impact class will focus on allowing the machine to tone you while creating longer, leaner, smoothly sculpted muscles. A great way to be introduced to the beautiful benefits of the Spring Tower, while still experiencing the sensations of the burn.

This class is for you if:
-You are new to pilates and to the spring towers
-You are working with injuries and need a low impact, slower and more mindful class
-You want to build overall strength

Avoid this class if:
-You are not looking for a mostly standing class

Targeted Areas: Scapular stability/mobility, core strength, lower body and arm work.


Dial back, get lean, long and released in this blend of mat pilates and tower work. A perfect combo for those wanting to move slow, focus on foundation, breath and anyone new to pilates or recovering from injuries.

Slow, soft and soooo therapeutic.

This class is for you if:
-You are working with injuries, new to movement, looking to deepen your body awareness, breath and foundational movement

Avoid if:
You are looking for a fast paced and strong class

Targets: Full body, mobility, core awareness, breath