Liseanne M

Liseanne - instructor at Rio Pilates Yoga north end Halifax NS
About This Project

Hometown: Liverpool, NS

Zodiac: Capricorn

What brought you to yoga: I was coming home from living abroad and desperately needed continuing education credits for massage, I jumped on the first course I saw before the year was out; it changed my life.

A cute little studio in Chester that was teaching the methods around Yoga and Anatomy. The teacher was completely infatuated with all the benefits of yoga and sparked my love. I quickly realized the benefits of adding it to my massage business as well as how it managed my personal ailments mental and physical.

Over the years, it was always my go to; whether a stressful day, a busy week, or a flare up of pain, it’s what cured me. I am so fortunate to teach and live what I love and believe in.

Music of Choice: I love all music, but anything that makes my heart resonate; Radiohead, Air or Neko Case

Words to live by: “May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

Where I Vacation: I am a sucker for Europe and just moving around from place to place. I always feel so refreshed and reconnected with a piece of me I often forget about.