Kirsten M

Kirsten Malloy - instructor at Rio Pilates Yoga north end Halifax NS
About This Project

How you got into yoga: One of my best friends took me to the opening week at moksha and thats where I met my favourite teacher Dina T. Her class challenged me and took me completely out of my comfort zone. The following week I moved to Europe for a year. I immediately went back when I moved home and started volunteering for their energy exchange program. I loved how challenged I was buy my mat, but also that it was such a individual practice.
The physical and mental practice has been my biggest teacher. My mat taught me just how much power I have. It was during my Jiva training that I found the confidence to own my practice and from there I decided to really explore what shows up outside the traditional teachings of a yoga practice. From then on I have let my own practice guide my teaching.

Where you vacation: The east coast! I love traveling and have been all over, but I am the most fulfilled right here, especially in the CB highlands. I am a cottage girl who loves beaches, books, wine, good food, and good company.

What you love about Halifax: This place is my home, I grew up in the west end. The community is like no other, halifax wants to support their own and is always welcoming to others. I love that it has small town charm, and a relaxed vibe, but also is continuing to grow and change.

What’s your Rock OM?: My practice is challenging and playful. I love to let music inspire my practice and just see what shows up. Surrendering to the beat it allows my practice to bring me back to life.

Words to live by: Love yourself like Kanye loves himself, Believe in yourself like Kanye loves himself, and know you are the shit like Kanye knows he’s the shit.

Sometimes the answer to all lives problems is to throw down on the dance floor.

Favorite part about RIO: Everything, the community, the music, and the support. I love the freedom to play and explore. Most importantly RIO values being real – thats everything to me.