Jody M

Jody M - instructor at Rio Pilates Yoga north end Halifax NS
About This Project

Home town: North Shore, Cape Breton

Words to live by: Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never owned a dog.

What I love about RIO: I can’t get enough of the combo of fitness and yoga, work your body then stretch it out. The studio has something for everyone, the people are amazing. You always want to strike up a conversation with the person on the mat next to you.

What’s your happy place?: I am my best self when I am in nature. I grew up in the country and have been living in cities for the past 20 years…getting to the ocean and the trees have an amazing ability to heal the soul, reignite your energy and decompress. There’s nothing better than a deep breath of salty air.

Why kettlebells?:

I love the full body workout you get with kettlebells, it challenges your strength and your cardio all in one. I took my very first kettlebell class at RIO and was immediately hooked. Kettlebells are for anyone, at any fitness level and you will find new ways to challenge yourself every time you pick one up!