Darrah R

Darrah Richardson - instructor at Rio Pilates Yoga north end Halifax NS
About This Project

“Bringing you closer to your truth”

My Sweat Life: spin, boxing, frolicking with my pup, yoga, pilates. towers. In summer: outdoor bootcamps/body weight conditioning

What gets me out of bed: you mean other than crippling anxiety? (haha). The idea that every day holds infinite possibilities. And my daily homemade matcha latte. My secret is a pinch of salt!

What to expect from my class: eclectic soundtrack, playful yet powerful sequencing, dad jokes…My goal is for every student to walk away with a newfound knowledge of their body

My fitness Journey: I was certified in Hatha Vinyasa by Tays in July 2012. I’m inspired by movement in general so I don’t limit myself to traditional ideas of yoga. I’ve been known to blend movements borrowed from kettle bell and pilates into my sequences if I see the benefit for my students. I took a workshop in 2015 with Kathryn Bruni Young and the late Michael Stone called “The New Wave of Yoga” and it really expanded my vision of what constitutes yoga for today’s modern society.

Where to find me: I love the North End–clearly! Besides RIO, I also work at Sauté (next door), The Floatation Centre and Pramana (both within a quick jaunt to the studio). I grew up in a very small town in PEI and moved to Halifax from a bustling city in Spain. The North End represents the best of both for me. I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!