Cheilidh M

Cheilidh - yoga and pilates at Rio in Halifax NS
About This Project

“Not at all comfortable with spiders”

My Sweat Life: I’m particularly drawn to physical activity that promotes agility and stamina, grit and finnesse. I’ve gotten into boxing and I’m pretty sure it’s the ticket.

What gets me out of bed: I guess I’m most driven by diversity and variety. Whether it’s practicing the Ashtanga Primary Series among a group of Spanish-speaking teachers-in-training in small town Nicaragua, or explaining the relevance of breath to beginner yoga students in the South of France; I appreciate any opportunity to meet a new person, explore a new place, or have a good laugh. Humility, knowledge, and conscious-action are some of the keys to my personal fulfillment.

What to expect from class: I appreciate the value in combining cardio, strength, and agility training with activities that promote rest, relaxation, and deep stretching. Practicing with me you can expect thoughtful sequencing, attention to alignment, playful use of props, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and a good stretchhhh.

My fitness journey: Having always had a great respect for the physical self, and a keen curiosity for the spiritual side of things, I’ve explored some of the many avenues available to yoga practitioners in Halifax and around the world. Though I do maintain that my most precious learning moments have been in church basements surrounded by wooden blocks, cotton blankets, walls, chairs, and bolsters.

Where to find me: I live in North End Halifax and have no real explanation for how I ended up in the heart of The Scene – since really I’m a West-of-Quinpool gal. I grew up around there and have the best memories of it. KOD, Wasabi House, The Ardmore; that’s where it’s at. These days I spend much of my time outdoors. The Halifax Central Library is one of my favourite places to be. Member’s Only clubs in the twilight hours.