New Menu at En Vie

New Menu at En Vie

Our North End neighbours, the lovely vegan restaurant En Vie, have launched a new menu!

En Vie is a haven for those who seek healthy, fresh meals free of animal products and has been open on Agricola Street since 2013.

As they describe: “Our mission is to inspire people to choose a healthier, sustainable and more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating by making information and education accessible, so that we can create a healthier community and planet.”

In addition to their awesome menu, which includes sushi, tacos, and vegan takes on double bacon cheeseburgers and buffalo wings, they have all sorts of interesting classes and series going on.

One that’s been ongoing is the Around the World Series. Each month this spring and summer, they’ve been offering a 4-course dinner and beverages from a selected national cuisine. The remaining ones are Japan on July 25th and USA on August 22nd. Another dinner series will be starting in September as well!

If you haven’t been to En Vie yet, swing by after one of your RIO classes some time!