Hello from France

Hello from France

RIO founder and instructor Connie McInnes has given us an update from across the pond, where she’s running a satellite studio in Arles, France:


A little update live from France.
We opened a pop up studio here in Arles, in the South of France for the summer.
Our intention: GO GLOBAL. Our goal: BE BOLD. Our purpose: TO SERVE.

We opened the doors on June 10th in a little studio off the main street here. 10 days of stripping walls, painting, plumbing, electricity, promotions and community building to get the space transformed from an abandoned for 30 year pharmacy to a mini-RIO. The character of the space is cohesive to our brand: Brick walls, candlelit, plants against a white backdrop, natural light and an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Everything about RIO FRANCE version remains the same. We offer our classic RIO RITUAL, BEATS, BLISS + FUSION classes interspersed with the RIO METHOD pilates classes and have introduced our movements to an entirely new population, in a new language. The result: INCREDIBLE. The support and love from the community has been parallel to that of Halifax. The element of trust people bring into the space having no idea what to expect from a Canadian girl they have no preconception of is profound. Every person that has walked in has committed to multiple classes, admitting the practice is “genius” “addictive” and “I am obsessed”. From all walks of life, we are catering to all ages, all levels, and multiple languages.

There was a huge element of fear in moving our brand into the global realm. Would people like our style? Would the modern music bother them? Would people understand what we are saying?

When you create something you need to believe in it. Whole-heartedly. And while there were moments of hesitation, we maintained the consistency of the brand in every aspect. And the feedback has been so strong, people are committing to a new daily routine almost instantaneously, and you KNOW, our message is clear. Break down boundaries. Experience something different. And laugh along the way.

Life is about experience. Every day is new. Every day is different. And every day has the potential for change.