For all kinds of duos

For all kinds of duos

Partner yoga offers a way to build trust, deepen a connection and communicate without language with someone important in your life, whether it’s with a friend, family member or partner. The shared experience is a tool to strengthen a bond with someone by doing sequences and poses side by side or being adventurous with partner lifts and duo stretches.
Give it a try and enjoy the many benefits this activity offers, such as:

Heightened senses: With a particular emphasis on our sense of touch, partner yoga can up your awareness of your body and the way it feels when you are touched or touch someone else. You’ll leave feeling more alert and energized and will be buzzing from the experience.

Balance: From partner lifts and poses in which you mirror one another, a physical sense of balance is created and reflected in your mental state as well.

Enhanced trust: Just like the falling-backwards-into-a-friend’s-arms exercise, partner yoga forces you to let go and count on your partner to hold you, catch you and move through the motions with you. This increases your ability to trust one another.

Speaking without words: By connecting with one another as you go through sequences, partner yoga helps improve your ability to read each other’s movements and facial expressions, enabling you to communicate more and better understand eachother without words.

We’re offering a 3-hour Presence in Partners workshop series at RIO with our instructor Leslie on December 18 starting at 4PM. Connect with someone you love and share your practice together this holiday season. $35 + tax per person or $60 for two. Register here.