Men who Joga

Men who Joga

Yoga is practiced by people of all ages – including seniors, young children, pregnant women, university students, and everything in between! Many people, however, think of it as a typically female-dominated practice, with the Yoga Journal reporting in 2012 that 83% of yoga practicitioners were women. While it’s true that a lot of women practice yoga, more men than ever are picking it up now.

It’s no surprise. In fact, it was men in India who first developed the practice centuries ago. On top of toning your body, relieving your stress levels, and helping with posture and flexibility, yoga can also be complementary to other activities – including preventing injuries while working out with weights – and can calm your mind and help treat illness and pain. This can appeal to anyone!

There are several male celebrities and athletes who practice for various reasons, highlighting how yoga can help in so many ways:

SHANNON SHARPE – The NFL tight end and Pro Football Hall of Fame member begins every morning at 5 AM with yoga and Pilates exercises.

ALEC BALDWIN – Fun fact: this movie star’s wife is a yoga teacher! He credits yoga for getting him fitter and happier.

ADAM LEVINE – The Maroon 5 singer first got into yoga on a break from lifting weights at the gym. Upon getting hooked, he hasn’t set foot in a gym since and instead does yoga as part of his regular routine.

LEBRON JAMES – This basketball star got started in yoga during his time in Cleveland. He claims that it’s helped with his lower back problems and has increased his stamina for games.

RUSSELL BRAND – This probably isn’t as much of a surprise. He looks the yogi part, doesn’t he? Not only does he practice, but he also teaches, and has stated that it “transformed” his life.

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